CCTV monitoring is when an individual will observe the activity of a property or premises through strategically placed surveillance cameras. Images from each camera are then sent to a control centre or remote monitoring station. From there, a trained operator can detect any suspicious activity and take appropriate action, such as delivering an audible warning, sending in security personnel to investigate or contacting the authorities.

Although the presence of surveillance cameras alone can often deter break-ins or burglaries, CCTV monitoring is much more effective at providing continuous protection in real-time, helping to catch criminals in the act and recover stolen goods. We provide both tilt and pan cameras for surveillance that can be installed anywhere by our trained representatives efficiently. Our CCTV cameras can capture high-definition recordings of your site 24 hours a day and relay their feed to a trained team of professionals at our end. If you also want to see your site, you can login any-time into our system. When integrated with sensors, our CCTV cameras can provide a highly enhanced security solution for your site.

Key Benefits of having CCTV Installed

  • Prevent Crime – The sight of security cameras along with a CCTV monitoring sign can prevent criminals from breaking and entering
  • Proactive Security – Rather than reviewing images after an incident has taken place, live monitoring provides a real-time response
  • Round-the-Clock Protection – Your property or premises will never go without protection, regardless of whether its day or night
  • Cost-Effective – A comprehensive CCTV system and just one skilled operative is much cheaper than hiring multiple security guards
  • Immediate Response – Whenever there is any suspicious activity, CCTV monitoring allows for an immediate response
  • Visual Verification – Trained operators will be able to accurately verify any events or incidents
  • Save Money – CCTV monitoring can help reduce insurance premiums among several providers

Whether it is a vacant property that you own, your business location or a construction site, the right security measures can definitely add to your peace of mind and comfort. Guarding or monitoring your site 24 hours a day is quite impossible, therefore CCTV security cameras might be the preferred solution.